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OIC Member States in Figures

OIC Member States in Figures presents you with facts and figures from the 57 Member States of the OIC. After clicking either on the flag or the name of the OIC Member State listed below, the profile of the selected country is displayed.

Section 1: "General Information"

The second section "General Information" summarizes some geographic and political data of the selected OIC Member State. These data are accompanied by a flag and map showing the location of the OIC Member State on the world atlas.

Section 2: "Location and Geography"

The third section "Location and Geography" presents a more detailed map of the selected OIC Member State along with a short text depicting the geographic and geopolitical situation of the selected country.

Section 3: "Member Country in Figures"

The first section "... in Figures" gives data on over 260 indicators classified under 18 different categories ranging from Agriculture to Transportation and Communication. For each category, a whole list of indicators with units and definitions are provided. The figures for the most recent year available are extracted directly from within the BASEIND Statistics Database, along with a short metadata giving the definition and explanation of the indicator.

Section 4: "Special Links"

The fourth section "Special Links" lists the contact details of the

  • National Statistical Office
  • Central Bank
  • Universities
  • Statistics and Environmental Experts

of the selected OIC Member State under "SESRIC Links" and websites of relevant Ministries and Governmental Institutions under "External Governmental Links".

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