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Based on the Istanbul Declaration of the 2010 Meeting of the National Statistical Organisations (NSO), Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation agreed to organise their annual meetings under the umbrella of OIC Statistical Commission. It was decided that the Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Centre (SESRIC) would act as the Secretariat of the Commission. The Commission aims to create a platform for exchanging experiences and best practices among Member Countries to build effective statistical capacity building at the OIC level.

According to the Rules of Procedure adopted in the First Session of the OIC-StatCom, responsibilities of the Secretariat are to:

  1. Prepare provisional agenda for each Session under the leadership of the Bureau
  2. Convene the Sessions
  3. Perform all relevant organizational tasks
  4. Archive documents of the Sessions
  5. Prepare and communicate minutes and summary of the decisions of the Sessions
  6. Carry out the management of OIC-StatCom Website


Link: http://www.sesric.org/


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