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Rules of Procedure of the OIC Statistical Commission

Accurate, timely, reliable and consistent statistical data and information are indispensable tools for evidence-based policy making in any country. National Statistical Systems play a vital role in helping decision makers develop and design prudent socio-economic development strategies towards higher prosperity.

The Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) agreed to establish the OIC Statistical Commission (OIC-StatCom) as reflected in Istanbul Declaration of the 2010 Meeting of the National Statistical Organisations of the OIC Member States.



The OIC-StatCom is a platform for the National Statistical Systems of the OIC Member States for sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences and best practices with a view to enhance their performances while being guided by the objectives and principles to strengthen the solidarity and cooperation among the Member States as set forth the in the Eleventh Islamic Summit held in Dakar on 13-14 March 2008.


  1. To promote statistical data production and dissemination according to the internationally accepted methodologies and standards
  2. To ensure coordination and cooperation among OIC Member States and international organisations
  3. To develop a strategic vision towards more effective statistical systems and elaborate, implement and monitor short, medium and long term plans to achieve the vision.
  4. To raise the profile of statistics through advocacy towards the political authorities of the OIC Member States.
  5. To encourage the governments of the OIC Member States together with the international/supranational organizations to augment and supply sustained human and financial resources for the statistical capacity development.
  6. To identify the statistical areas specific to the OIC Member States and to develop common standards and methodologies for the indicators.
  7. To facilitate active cooperation and coordination with the COMCEC towards enhancing the role of national statistical systems in evidence-based policy-making in the OIC Member States.



OIC Member States are the permanent members of the Commission with voting rights. The Member States shall be represented by heads of the NSOs (or equivalent institutions) or by duly designated high level officials. OIC Institutions and subsidiary organs are nonvoting members. International and supranational organisations may be invited as observers by the Commission.


The Bureau shall be comprised of a Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, and a Rapporteur reflecting geographic distribution and two permanent ex-officio members, IDB and SESRIC, undertaking the organisational matters related to the activities of the Commission. The Commission shall elect from the representatives of its members a Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen and a Rapporteur. The Bureau, excluding the permanent ex-officio members, serves for two years. The Bureau draws up the provisional agenda for the next session. Emergency issues regarding organisational matters are decided by the Bureau.


SESRIC is the Secretariat of the Commission. Responsibilities of the Secretariat are as follows:

  1. Prepare provisional agenda for each Session under the leadership of the Bureau
  2. Convene the Sessions
  3. Perform all relevant organizational tasks
  4. Archive documents of the Sessions
  5. Prepare and communicate minutes and summary of the decisions of the Sessions
  6. Carry out the management of OIC-StatCom Website


The Commission shall hold sessions annually. The Sessions will be held in Istanbul unless the Commission designates a particular venue in its annual meeting.


A majority of the representatives of the members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum. The Commission makes its decisions based on consensus. In cases where consensus is not reached, the decisions of the Commission shall be made by a majority voting. The quorum is required in such cases.


The Commission may establish committees and working groups for specific issues of common concern. The Committees and Working Groups composed of Members of the Commission shall examine particular issues assigned by the Commission and supply a report to the Commission on their activities.

The Rules of Procedure of the Commission shall apply to the proceedings of its committees and working groups.


Reports of the Commission, committees and working groups shall be documented by the Secretariat. All reports of the committees and working groups shall be communicated to the Members and observers of the Commission by the chairmen of the committees and working groups in a timely manner.


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