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SESRIC Motion Chart Generator

SMCSESRIC has been working on to develop an interactive and dynamic motion chart module, called SESRIC Motion Charts (SMC), integrated with the BASEIND Database. The SMC Module allows the users to dynamically explore the trends of several indicators over time, based on statistical data hosted in the BASEIND Database. The engine of the motion charts generator was originally developed by Google Inc. and the charts generated by the SMC Module will be rendered within the user's browser using the Adobe Flash technology. The produced charts will be time series based bubble charts including two indicators from the BASEIND Database which can be customised by the user to have either linear or logarithmic scale(s) with alternative bubble sizes based on the related indicators from the BASEIND Database.

The whole process is compromised of three steps:
  1. Step - Indicators Selection
    1. Selection of the indicator to be plotted on the Y-axis.
    2. Selection of the indicator to be plotted on the X-axis.
  2. Step
    1. Selection of OIC Member Countries
  3. Step
    1. Range Selection
    2. Other Parameters Selection
  4. Generation of the SESRIC Motion Chart according to the data selected in the previous steps.
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