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PCBS Highlights the Impact of the Israeli Occupation Aggression on the Right to Education in Palestine
Date : 13 November 2023 Venue : Ramallah Palestine

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) issued on 13 November 2023 a press release stating that the Israeli occupation aggression has had a significant impact on the right to education in Palestine. The release covers the period from 7 October to 11 November 2023.

During this period, the number of student casualties in Palestine reached 3,141, with 3,117 casualties in Gaza Strip and 24 casualties in the West Bank. Additionally, there were 4,863 injured students, with 4,613 in Gaza Strip and 250 in the West Bank. In terms of detained students, 67 were reported, all of whom were from the West Bank.

The press release also highlights the casualties among teachers and administrators, with 130 reported in Gaza Strip. The number of injured teachers and administrators in Palestine schools during the same period reached 403, mainly in Gaza Strip. Furthermore, attacks on school infrastructure were reported, with 45 schools severely destroyed in Gaza Strip and 27 schools attacked in the West Bank.

Due to the continuous bombing and raids, all schools in Gaza Strip were suspended/closed, depriving approximately 608,000 students of their right to education. Additionally, 70 governmental and 145 UNRWA school buildings were used as shelters for displaced people. In the West Bank, strikes and raids disrupted school hours, hindering around 1,750 teachers from reaching their schools daily.

In higher education institutions, 446 students, including 438 in Gaza Strip and 8 in the West Bank, lost their lives during the specified period. The interruption of university education in Gaza Strip and the shift to online education in some West Bank institutions were also reported due to the partial or complete damage to 14 institutions.

The press release also provides an overview of the education sector in Palestine before the conflict, including the number of schools, school buildings, students, and teachers. It mentions that there were 3,190 schools in Palestine, with 2,394 in the West Bank and 796 in Gaza Strip. The number of students in schools reached approximately 1.38 million, with 775,000 in the West Bank and 608,000 in Gaza Strip. The average number of students per class varied across different types of schools.

Lastly, the press release mentions that there were 53 higher education institutions in Palestine, with 35 in the West Bank and 17 in Gaza Strip. Around 226,000 students were enrolled in these institutions, and approximately 17,000 employees were working in higher education. Additionally, 46,000 students graduated from these institutions in the previous scholastic year.

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