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OIC Member Countries Celebrating World Statistics Day
Republic of Azerbaijan

The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan has established a special commission and approved an action plan for the celebration of the First World Statistics Day on 20 October 2010. For this occasion, the State Statistical Committee has translated the following documents into English and placed in the relevant UN website:

  1. State Program on the Improvement of Official in the Republic of Azerbaijan between 2008-2012
  2. Regulation on State Statistical Committee and the Distribution Policy of Information and Establishing Relations with Its Users
  3. Law on the Official Statistics
  4. History of the Statistics of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  5. The Action Plan on Celebration of the World Statistics Day (The Action Plan can be accessed on http://unstats.un.org/unsd/wsd/docs/Azerbaijan_wsd_event.pdf


People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • A national committee has been formed with the Director General of BBS as head in the observance of the WSD. The other members are academicians from Universities, and research organizations.
  • The committee has planned to conduct the following activities:

    (i) Holding of a National Seminar;

    (ii) Publication of a Souvenir;

    (iii) Holding of Rallies in Connection with WSD;

    (iv) Supplement of a Newspaper;

    (v) Publication of Posters and Brochures

    (vi) Exhibition of Statistical Publications;

    (vii) Press Conference;

    (viii) TV talk;

    (ix) Lighting up in the Statistics Building.

Republic of Indonesia

The National Statistics Day of Indonesia was celebrated by the main and regional offices of BPS- Indonesia. To increase awareness about the the National and World Statistics Day, billboards were placed along the protocol streets and the importance of statistics were highlighted in the posters.

During the National Statistics Day ceremony, the Chief Statistician of BPS-Statistics Indonesia Headquarters, Mr. Rusman Heriawan, gave awards to five enumerators of Population Census who supported the activities of Population Census enumeration since1961. Additionally, a flag ceremony was held on 27 September 2010.

As part of celebrating the World Statistics Day, the following activities were realized, as well:

  • An academic meeting titled “Population as the Subject of Sustainable Development towards Prosperous Society” was organized jointly by BPS-Statistics Indonesia and Indonesia Statistics Organization on 14 October 2010.
  • A National Seminar about population and sustainable development was held on 19 October 2010.
  • Regional Offices also conducted several seminars about various topics such as 2010 population census and its results, the role of statistics in the national and regional development of Indonesia.
  • As mass media is an important instrument to publicize the statistical data, a Workshop for Journalists was successfully carried out.
  • Understanding the role of physical and mental abilities of employees in producing quality data, the week of 8-19 October 2010 was accepted as the Sports and Arts Week. In addition to football, volleyball, table tennis matches and walking tours, traditional games were played during this period.
  • World Statistics Day was celebrated on 20 October 2010 in BPS Headquarters. All of the employees of BPS-Indonesia joined this event.

For more information: The publication prepared by BPS-Indonesia for the World Statistical Day (130 MB)

Republic of Iraq

The Central Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Iraq has prepared a plan regarding the celebration of the World Statistics Day. The plan includes the following:

  1. The General Census 2010 in the Republic of Iraq will start on the World Statistics Day, 20 October 2010, and end on 24 October 2010.
  2. Statistical conferences and exhibitions to inform the role and functions of the Central Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Iraq will be organized.
  3. Cooperation among the Central Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Iraq and other related institutions in the Republic of Iraq will be enhanced.
  4. The abovementioned activities will also involve participation from the media.


Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has joined other 55 United Nations member states to vote in favor of supporting the adoption of General Assembly Resolution No. 64/267 dated 3 JUN 2010, which provides for naming the twentieth of October 2010 as the World Statistics Day, in recognition of the importance of official statistics for policy makers and decision makers in particular and for the society in general.

In this context, Jordan will celebrate this occasion as per the following plan through the Department of Statistics (DoS) and its affiliates by implementing a number of activities in acknowledgement of the role played by the (DoS) in providing official statistics:

  1. Holding an exhibition for the official statistics produced over the past six decades (date of the establishment of the Department) in one of the well-known galleries and probably in other galleries in the regional offices to update the public on the stages of the development of official statistics and other statistical issues in Jordan.
  2. Preparing an Awareness Poster bearing the emblem of Jordan, the logo of (DoS) and the logo adopted by the United Nations for this occasion. This poster bears a slogan highlighting the role and importance of official statistics.
  3. Issuing a brochure on this occasion reflecting the development of official statistics in Jordan, in addition to a briefing on the International Day of Statistics and the goal behind dedicating this day as an international occasion that is celebrated worldwide for the first time in addition to the basic principles of official statistics adopted the United Nations.
  4. Conducting an interview on national TV and radio stations with H.E. the Director General of Statistics , the permanent representative of UNDP in Jordan (if available) and two others representing the business sector and data users on topics relating to the importance of official statistics, its role in serving the sustainable development plans and the Department’s aspiration for the best world practices.
  5. Conducting press interviews with HE the Director General of Statistics or his assignee to talk about the importance of official statistics and its use in the preparation of development plans. These dialogue interviews aim at promoting statistical awareness among the public.
  6. Producing and broadcasting of a documentary film in the exhibitions planned to be held by the (DoS) in both English and Arabic. The theme of the film relates to the various stages of its development and its statistical products (Auto-run).
  7. Approaching the mobile phone companies to donate free – of - charge SMS messages to enhance statistical awareness among the public.
  8. The (DoS) is planning to develop a text to be read to the pupils during the morning formation (in coordination with the Ministry of Education).
  9. An article titled:” History of official Statistics in Jordan” has already been posted on the United Nations web site (http://unstats.un.org/unsd/wsd).
  10. For this purpose, the necessary committees (steering, technical and support) have been formed to make this remarkable occasion a real success. 


The State of Palestine

PCBS launches a special web site for the celebration of the World Statistics Day. PCBS will celebrate this day through centralized event at Ramallah Culture Center under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Salam Fayyad and in participation of key national and international figures. The UN General Assembly, through its resolution 64/267, decided to designate 20 October 2010 as World Statistics Day under the general theme of “Celebrating the many achievements of official statistics and the core values of service, integrity and professionalism". PCBS will broadcast the events of the World Statistics Day via the internet: http://www.pcbs.gov.ps/Wsd_2010/

As part of PCBS' celebration of World Statistics Day, PCBS will announce the winners of the media contest for the best media news item based on PCBS' statistics during 2010. The contest aims to strengthen the utilization of PCBS' statistics in the media, and also to encourage the media to incorporate statistics in their news and report writing.

A national committee was formed to review submitted work and select winners based on sound criteria. The awards will be distributed to winners in special session chaired by Dr. Hasan Abu Libdeh – The Minister of National Economy.

As part of PCBS' celebration of World Statistics Day, PCBS will honor two distinguished employees for their outstanding contribution to the development of Palestine's Official Statistics during 2010. This step comes in line with PCBS' policy to promote innovation and commitment within PCBS' working environment. The distinguished employee session will be chaired by Dr. Husain Al-A'raj who is in charge of the General Employee Council.

As part of PCBS' celebration of World Statistics Day, PCBS will announce the completion of phase one of the Metadata System and a special web site will be launched on 20/10/2010 to serve that purpose. A special team was formed to revise, further develop, document, and disseminate metadata to serve all users especially statistical units at various ministries and governmental institutions. So far, PCBS has documented more than 20 surveys on the new system that uses the Accelerated Data Program (ADP) with technical support from PARIS21.


World Statistics Day - The Palestinian Way as of 19/09/2010

A Word from the Acting President of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Ramallah


Republic of Tajikistan
    1. To organize in the media (Jumhuriyat, Sadoi Mardum, Narodnaya Gazeta, TV 1- chanel, Safina, Radio of Tajikistan) the statement of the Director of Agency
    2. To prepare booklets, posters regarding the activity and achievements of the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan
    3. To publish all information about the International Statistical Day on the web-site of the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan
    4. Commemorate meetings in Central and Local offices
    5. In celebration of the International Day of Statistics to promote deserving employees with government awards
    6. To reward employees of Central and Local offices with bonuses’ on the occasion of World Statistics Day
    7. To arrange the financial assistance for the World Patriotic War veterans, warrior internationalists, disaster fighters of the accident at the NPP “Chernobil” and labor veterans (old workers).


Republic of Turkey

Turkish Statistical Day was celebrated on May 9 until 2010 by the TurkStat. According to UN Resolution, it will be celebrated this year on 20th October 2010. From 2011 on, National Statistics Day and the Statistical Research Symposium will be celebrated on April 25th which stands for the anniversary of the foundation of TurkStat in 1926.

Within the preparation studies, following activities have been / will be realized:

  • An Organization Board was created within TurkStat and visits to universities and visits to related institutions have been realized.
  • The Organization Board has initiated contact with universities, related public institutions and NGOs in order to inform them on the World Statistics Day and receive their feedbacks and suggestions regarding the celebration organizations.        
  • For a statistical bulletin, materials have been received from universities.
  • A web-site dedicated to this event (both in Turkish and English) will be created soon.
  • A Turkish logo for WSD was created by UNSD and published on WSD web-site. This logo will also be used on the dedicated web-site of TurkStat.  
  • It is assured that WSD will also be celebrated in the regional offices of TurkStat with the participation of universities, related institutions and shareholders.

During the World Statistics Day, following activities will be realized:

  • Open Door Day within TurkStat,
  • Announcement of the competition for affiches to be used in 2011 Population and Housing Census,
  • Speeches by the invited speakers with the participation of representatives of related institutions, universities and organizations,
  • Reception and musical performance,
  • Publication of a bulletin on statistics and press release.


Draft Programme


Republic of Yemen

The publication prepared for the World Statistical Day.


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